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Welcome to Carenivor… For carnivores who care.

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Like so many businesses Carenivor was born out of frustration, unmet needs and family struggles. More importantly it was born out of the desire to do better, provide solutions and build a community of like-minded people.

The vision for Carenivor lies at the intersection between convenience and sustainability. We built Carenivor to serve carnivores who care…

At the core of what we do is our belief that just because you don’t always have the time to cook doesn’t mean you don’t care about animal welfare. You shouldn’t have to choose between convenience and your values. Our community and services are a particularly great fit for families with working parents, students and young professionals. In short people who need convenient ways to build a more sustainable way to eat and live.

Now I’d like to think I’m a decent cook. My husband is arguably a better one although I’d say it depends on what we cook… not that I’m competitive! ;-) Like many of you, we buy the most sustainable food we can: free-range or organic chicken, grass-fed beef, organic vegetables when available... We are dedicated omnivores in our family and simply can’t imagine a life without meat. If you or a member of your family have decided to take the extra step towards sustainability and go vegetarian or vegan, I admire you, sincerely. But that’s not a path we have decided to walk, choosing instead to focus on animal welfare as a guide to being a good “carenivor”.

Recent trends - fuelled by research, awareness campaigns and sometimes scandal - have highlighted the need to focus on sustainability as a healthier and more ethical way of life. It's vital for us, for the next generation and for the future of our planet. And to be fair, the choice to pick more sustainable ingredients for our meals isn’t an impossible one. Cost is a factor, of course. In general though it has never been easier to integrate responsibly-sourced meat as part of a balanced and “caring” diet.

Or at least it is when you have time to cook!

This website is dedicated to those of you who have limited time but unlimited passion for a better way of life, one that doesn’t sacrifice animal welfare for convenience.

You’ll find here:

- Recipes that take 30 minutes or less

- News coverage around sustainability

- Content from leaders in sustainability

- And much more…

And we are working on an innovative range of products that aim to make your life easier while caring for animals and the environment. Watch this space!

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Karine Del Moro

Editor-in-Chief, Carenivor

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