• Karine Del Moro

Sustainable meat… Why bother?

Since you’re an honoured visitor on the Carenivor website, chances are you already know why sustainability has become such an important topic. It would be natural that you have your own areas of focus, depending on experience, sensibilities, concerns, etc.

We thought it might be useful to list below some of the key issues behind the choices many of us are making when it comes to sustainable meat:

  • Animal welfare: choosing to eat meat does not imply we don’t care about animals. Ensuring what we eat comes from farm animals that were free to roam around, ate what they’re supposed to eat, and were treated kindly and fairly throughout their life – it matters!

  • A healthier choice: now there’s some debate about this I have to warn you… But instinctively you just know that a free-range or organic chicken is healthier than a battery chicken. It’s just common sense. But just in case, here’s some research by Compassion in World Farming to back me up!

  • A more environmentally friendly lifestyle: the intense agricultural practices that go into feeding animals in mass production facilities are simply atrocious… And then you end up with tonnes of poorly produced animal feed “travelling” thousands of miles to get here.

  • Concerns surrounding regulations (especially since Brexit came into effect): no longer subject to EU regulations, how do we make sure standards in meat still fit, well, OUR standards?

  • Focus on regenerative practices that leads to better soil quality and carbon sequestration: lots of big words that basically mean that farm animals can be part of a positive environmental cycle (more infohere)

  • Tastier meat: I can’t imagine anyone would argue… Take a lovely piece of free-range chicken breast and compare it to its “battery” equivalent – nuff said!

These are just some of the top reasons we carenivors support a more sustainable lifestyle. Any others you’d like to add, please feel free to use the Comment section at the bottom of this blog.

In addition to this website, we are working on developing a "quick and caring" range of foods aimed at making your life easier, while focusing on animal welfare and environmental preservation.

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