• Karine Del Moro

Regenuary, Dry January, Veganuary, Thingamajiganuary…

Why focus on sustainable, long-term changes rather than a single month of extremes...

We go through this every January! Our New Year’s resolutions are met with a plethora of diets and lifestyles that promise to reduce our waistline and any negative impact on the environment.

Well, February is approaching rapidly, and then it will be back to normal for all but the most dedicated vegans, vegetarians, teetotallers... And credit to them for their determination! For those who go back to their old ways, adopting a less indulgent lifestyle for a few weeks can have great benefits, both for the body and the mind. At the very least it makes them appreciate what they’ve been missing.

There can be harsh judgments from all sides when it comes to these diets. It’s a shame really. If everyone tried their very best, it would already make a huge difference. An all-or-nothing approach can be disheartening and often results in people giving up altogether. So let’s remember to be kind to one another and to the planet.

At Carenivor, we subscribe to a long-term vision that revolves around:

  • Choosing produce in accordance to the seasons

  • Regenerative practices for agriculture and livestock

  • Less and better meat

  • Less plastic packaging

  • Less chemicals like antibiotics and pesticides into our soil

  • Less miles from farm to fork (in short, buy local whenever possible)

And no, we don't have a name for it!

We are working on developing a range of sustainable yet convenient food options that follow these principles. Subscribe below to get product updates and to join the Carenivor community.

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