• Karine Del Moro

Happy World Soil Day!

Today is World Soil Day! Yes, it’s a thing. And an extremely important and deserving cause if you ask us!

Through decades of poor land management, intensive agricultural and livestock farming, overuse of pesticides and antibiotics, and countless other bad practices, humans are accountable to what some call irreparable damage to soil health.

But as usual, at Carenivor, we choose the optimistic viewpoint that we can change things for the better, if we act now.

This means making better choices, every day. If we all do it, we can create long-lasting change. Choosing free-range or organic when possible, ditching plastic, promoting wildlife in our towns and gardens… Many ways for all of us to have a positive impact on soil health.

But let's get back to soil! Here are some resources we’ve compiled to help understand this issue better, and how we can all help in our own way:

Soil health is directly connected to our well-being, and the well-being of future generations.

Carenivor is continuing its efforts to make convenience food (incl. free-range chicken nuggets) available in more sustainable options. Frozen meat is currently almost entirely based on intensive farming techniques that have a massively negative effect on soil health, animal welfare and the environment as a whole.

Help us convince retailers to put sustainable convenience food on the shelves! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or join our Community, to let retailers know you care about sustainability too.

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