• Karine Del Moro

COP26 gives us a real sense of urgency

We’ve all read multiple articles and seen news stories about the gathering of world leaders and environmental experts at COP 26, which ended today. Some of them are gloomy about “not going far enough, fast enough”, or about the fact that there’s more talk than action. Others are optimistic and support the commitment world leaders are showing to make a difference in the global push to slow down climate change.

At Carenivor we opt for the optimistic approach – as naïve as it may sound. What’s the alternative after all? That we all give up? Food is at the centre of the debate around global warming, and rightly so. Farming at an industrial scale, whether that’s for crops or for livestock, bears responsibility for a large proportion of the damage done to the soil and the air, to CO2 levels, to animal welfare, etc.

The flexitarian approach, advocated by Carenivor and many other groups, is all about making the best choices possible at all times, for all our food choices. Whether it’s choosing organic chickpeas over ordinary ones, or UK-sourced frozen lamb instead of New Zealand produce, thinking about where food comes from, how animals have been treated, and our general carbon footprint does take a bit of effort, but it becomes easier and easier with practice. Flexitarianism at its core encourages us to do this. It means you can choose a vegan diet 80% of the time, and choose to go "meat-less" and choose organic dairy for the other 20%. Free-range chicken is more expensive so if your wallet can’t stretch that far, then you can reduce the amount of chicken you eat, and maybe replace the rest with plant-based products. Any effort is better than no action at all.

At Carenivor we’ve chosen to focus on better choices for individuals and families who need (or simply choose) convenience food as part of their diet, but would really like more sustainable options than what’s currently on the shelves. I’m one of these parents who struggle with a fussy-eating child, and so despite my best judgment, chicken nuggets and turkey dinosaurs are a critical part of my weekly shopping. Which is bad enough without the additional ethical dilemma of knowing all this frozen poultry comes directly from industrial farming! I hope you won’t judge me for it. After all tolerance of each other’s choices, empathy for the challenges we all face, it’s all part of building a better world for our children, so at Carenivor we hope to destroy the myth that convenience and sustainability can’t go together.

We’re working hard as we speak to bring high-quality, convenience products to market as early as possible, and give busy people sustainable options for themselves and their families.

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