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Celebrating Carenivor’s First Anniversary

Updated: Mar 30

Yay! Carenivor has just turned 1!

Launched in March 2021, the Carenivor brand was born to enable carnivores who care to make better choices. A key objective centred around providing more sustainable options specifically around convenience food products. The gap in this market jumped out at me as I became one of these mums forced to shop in the “chicken nuggets” section at the supermarket and found it staggering how little choice we have – almost none of it sustainable. As animal welfare and climate change become ever more pressing global issues, I felt I had to try to make a difference and I'm currently focusing on producing free-range chicken nuggets as my flagship product in the Carenivor range.

Despite a 25-year career in marketing, solid management expertise and comprehensive knowledge in the digital and customer experience world, I knew I faced a steep learning curve with this new venture. It has been a while since I’ve been out of my comfort zone… Going from B2B SaaS marketing expert to B2C Food & Beverage innovator is definitely not without it challenges. Thank goodness I’ve been working with experts in the food industry to help me with all this. After all being a consultant myself, I’m more than open to the advice and guidance of industry experts.

It turns out even these experts are struggling with external market forces that keep delaying the Carenivor launch plan. The food manufacturing world and poultry industry are heavily impacted by factors such as:

- Brexit: burdening their import/export activities with additional procedures, and impacting labour

- Avian flu: affecting supply and demand

- Covid-19: causing difficulties in staffing requirements (hopefully not for much longer)

- CO2 shortages: impacting poultry manufacturing in several ways

A more expected challenge is that as a start-up, the quantities required at the beginning would be modest, scaling up with time. But in the convenience sector, smaller minimum order quantities are not exactly the norm, and so I’m looking for a manufacturing partner who believes in the mission I’ve set out for Carenivor. A partner who shares my conviction that although busy people and families will continue to eat convenience food, they are more and more concerned with animal welfare and their impact on the environment.

In the meantime I’ve been developing the Carenivor brand by collating content around easy-to-cook recipes, news about sustainability, as well as blogs and listing preferred suppliers. I’m also working on the launch of a new marketplace that will help you find “sustainable fast food” more easily and order directly from trusted shops.

So don’t hesitate to join the community (see subscription box below) if you’re interested in the journey, the product range, or just to support the initiative.

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