• Karine Del Moro

Back to school: packing your kid’s lunch, sustainably

If like me, you have kids who went back to school this month, you might feel the same dread I felt at the prospect of filling their packed lunch with nutritious food they’ll actually enjoy. Or maybe you’re lucky to have a child who happily eats anything they’re given as a

school or packed lunch. In which case, good for you, I’m not at all envious...

But whether you have fussy kids or not, if you’ve decided to opt for a packed lunch, you’re likely to face the following challenges:

1. combining the right mix of food groups: protein, vegetables/fruits, carbs, etc.

2. making the whole thing look appetising and fun

3. complying with the school’s numerous rules: no nuts, no chocolate, less processed stuff, no whole grapes…

4. getting the quantities right: enough to sustain your child, not so much they might be sick

5. picking the right lunch box… God forbid it doesn’t have Batman on it

And there is another challenge we all need to pay attention to…

6. making it all as sustainable as possible

If this summer has shown us anything, it’s that the climate crisis waits for no one. Not for the cost-of-living crisis. And certainly not for the packed-lunch crisis. If there’s one category of food that seems entirely ignored by environmental or animal welfare ethics, it’s convenience food for kids.

That’s how Carenivor was born. And one year later, we still haven’t figured out a way to mass produce sustainable, free-range chicken nuggets. But we’re not giving up. We’re looking at other product ranges as an easier starting point. So stay tuned and register for updates if you’ve not done so already.

In the meantime, here are some pointers for packed-lunch fillers that come with less guilt and more taste, all available from Amazon Fresh*:

And you can also check the products available from the Ethical Superstore and the Real Food Hub.

What sustainable product do you add to your or your kid’s lunch box?

* You’ll need an Amazon Prime account to shop there


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