• Karine Del Moro

A sustainable approach to your festive meals

Christmas is well known for being the most wasteful time of the year. Getting food quantities exactly right can be tricky, especially when you’re cooking for more people than you’re used to.

Rather than give you our top tips, here are a few links to articles and blogs where you'll find some great ideas:

- How to reduce Christmas food waste by Good Housekeeping

- Christmas 2021: Why stressing less could mean spending less this festive season by inews

- Planning a Low Waste Christmas – YouTube video by Leicestershire County Council

- This Christmas we’re illuminating the issues around festive waste

By Love Food Hate Waste

- Leftover Recipes

By BBC Good Food

At Carenivor, we believe in these core principles, which certainly apply for the holiday season too:

- Less meat, better meat

- Local produce - whenever possible

- As little plastic packaging as we can

Read the blog we published a few weeks ago, and the page about our vision to find out more.

Happy Reading and/or Viewing!

… and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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