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Please join us in supporting the following registered charities, dedicated to improving animal welfare. Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates on our plans for concrete action and products that will support our vision for a better future for us and farm animals. 

Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in World Farming was founded 50 years ago in 1967 by a British farmer who became horrified by the development of modern, intensive factory farming.

Today they campaign peacefully to end all factory farming practices. They believe that the biggest cause of cruelty on the planet deserves a focused, specialised approach – so they are relentlessly focused on ending factory farming.

Compassion in World Farming is a registered charity in England and Wales (registered charity number 1095050) and a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (registered company number 4590804).

RSCPA is working hard to try to improve the welfare of as many farm animals as possible, at every stage of their lives. 

  • Over one billion farm animals are reared every year in the UK, as well as many millions of fish. The law alone is not always strong or detailed enough to ensure that they all have a good quality of life, and are transported and slaughtered humanely.

  • Responsibility for farm animal welfare does not just lie with the farmers and stock-keepers that look after them. Governments, food retailers and you, the consumer, all have a lot of power to help raise welfare standards, and ensure all farm animals can lead lives worth living. To help with this, RSCPA want to see labelling with method of production on all animal products, so that people can make more informed choices when shopping.

  • It's a huge challenge to try to improve the welfare of such a large number of animals. They work in a number of different ways to encourage improvements, and they always use all available scientific information and practical evidence to help inform development of their policies and activities.

The RSPCA helps animals in England and Wales. Registered charity no.219099.