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We thought it might be useful to list some interesting articles that give some guidance on dealing with fussy eating and promoting healthy, balanced and sustainable eating habits for young children.

iNews - May 2020

Not all children grow out of being ‘picky eaters’ and efforts to change the habit may make it worse, study finds

The Telegraph - May 2020

Picky eaters will never evolve their diets if they fail to vary their food by the age of four

Zero to Three - November 2019

Research-Based Mealtime Hacks for “Picky” Eaters

The Conversation - September 2018

Children who are picky eaters still grow up healthy – new research

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Bristol University - August 2018

Parents, don't panic - your picky eater is in good health

Bristol University - 2018

Factors associated with young children exhibiting picky eating behaviour